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Universal x-ray equipment set with lungs screening function (fluorography)
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Since the beginning of production in 2013, our X-ray equipment has spread throughout Russia and has deserved the recognition of medical experts in various specialties. High quality images, versatility, simplicity and small size have been especially appreciated. Originally designed to be used in small medical facilities, our X-ray equipment has found its application not only in rural hospitals and trauma departments, but also in the admissions offices of urban hospitals. Low energy consumption provides significant savings in mass preventative surveys and emergency responses. Power can be supplied not only from electrical networks, but also from car batteries, which provides an opportunity to place X-ray equipment outside stationary buildings. Maximum protection of all components allows using our X-ray equipment at low or high temperature, in highly humid or severely dusty areas.
Portable X-ray devices with a wide range of parameter settings; voltage across an X-ray tube, current and exposure time, which allows for the examination not only of adult patients but also of preschool children, including newborns, are used as an X-ray source.
Depending on the operating conditions, the portable X-ray device can be manufactured either with a control panel in the body of the device or with a remote control unit of X-ray shooting modes using a computer or a smartphone.
Additionally, the portable X-ray device can be equipped with a continuous X-ray unit, which will allow the use of our X-ray equipment for simple laparoscopic operations. Specific design features of the portable X-ray device enable you to use it for conducting tomosynthesis with 3D images.
In our equipment we use digital X-ray PSA module detectors (Photo-diode Sensors Array). The main element of the module is an image sensor with a wide dynamic range and global shutter.
Organic/CMOS sensors are able to offer these capabilities by separating the photosensitive area (the organic light-sensitive material) from the signal processing area (all the circuitry), and by then modulating the organic photoconductive film to turn its photosensitivity on or off (or tune it). A transparent electrode sits on top of the OPF - which spans the entire sensor - and the application of increasing voltage to the electrode makes the OPF more photosensitive. This allows for fine tuning of the photosensitivity of the sensor, and the ability to turn all pixels on or off simultaneously.
Our unique software developed by a Swedish company allows us to fully implement all capabilities of the PSA modules, providing image clarity of 4.5 to 9 pairs of lines per millimeter.
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